We Are Spectacles《回聲二:人為景觀》(2021)

Joseph Lee





Technology has not only subverted the art of portrait photography and its transmission; it has altered people’s way of seeing and the habitual manner of body movement. As we take up the focus of other people’s camera lenses, we are also searching for the target of our next portrait. Each of us has become a spectacle in the eyes of one another. 

Choreographer Joseph Lee explores the above phenomenon in his latest offering Unfolding Images: We Are Spectacle(s). Echoing his acclaimed solo contemporary dance piece Folding Echoes, this time, rather than embarking on a one-man journey, Lee teams up with five performers to explore and examine the various body gestures as a form of experiment. Drawing references from the concept of portrait photography as a starting point, Lee and his performers probe into the delicate relations between a performer and a spectator, and the peculiar desire to see and be seen. 

In the digital age, the mass production and consumption of images in the age of social media has allowed everyone to pose in the limelight. One moment you are the centre of the attention, and the next you descend into the backdrop of another person who takes up the spotlight. The five performers participating in this experiment turn their bodies into vessels to capture and channel this fleeting spectacle that embodies the essence of this digital age phenomenon that has encroached upon us today.     


賽馬會藝壇新勢力 | 大館 聯合主辦

概念及編舞 李偉能
空間、燈光及影像設計 陳鈞至
音樂總監及聲音設計 劉曉江
服裝統籌 林曉燕
創作表演者 梁天尺 李嘉雯 陳偉洛 張利雄 胡日禧
排練助理 伍詠豪
藝術顧問 簡戍凝
製作經理 鄺嘉欣
舞台監督 何德貞
聯合監製 李漢廷、姚楓盈
首階段創作協助 莫鎮彤 張嘉儀 曾浩鋒
平面設計 江田雀
攝影 李 昊@青春映畫
宣傳影像概念 李偉能
宣傳影像拍攝 1930小隊
宣傳影像剪接 李偉盛
排練場地提供 不加鎖舞踊館

Co-presented by LCSD New Arts Power, Tai Kwun

Concept & Choreography Joseph Lee
Scenography Samuel Chan
Music Director & Sound Design Lawrence Lau
Costume Coordinator Gauze Lam
Creation & Performance Leung Tin Chak, Li Ka Man, Chan Wai Lok, Holmes Cheung, Woo Yat Hei
Rehearsal Assistant Skinny Ng
Artistic Advisor Suyin Kan
Production Manager Karen Kwong
Stage Manager Ho Tak Tsing
Co-Producer Michael Li, Fontane Yiu
Initial Creation Contribution Mok Jan Tung, Kerry Cheung, Ronald Tsang
Graphic Design Peter Bird Studio
Photography Steve Li@Junes
Trailer Concept Joseph Lee
Trailer Shooting 1930 collective
Trailer Editing Lee Wai Shing
Rehearsal Location Courtesy Unlock Dancing Plaza


Photo 1/ Carmen So 2/Mak Cheong Wai