Six Mouths《品品》(2022)

Unlock Dancing Plaza


自由進出的空間,涉足六個世界。 合乎口味,慢慢品嘗;不合口胃,可淺嚐放下。



創作者由「食」作起步點,闡釋、轉化和呈現各自對「食」的聯想,它又與生活中的選擇相互重疊、交錯...... 築構了六個獨立且互不指涉的世界。



A space with free access to six different worlds. If it suits your palate, sample and savour; If it is not to your liking, just nip and skip.

The Chinese title of the performance Six Mouths (《品品》) , pronounced as ban ban in Cantonese, is defined as:

1. Each  
2. Many styles
3. To feel, appreciate, or taste

Each creator begins at “food”, and then proceeds to explain, transform and showcase their respective associations with “food”, and the way it intersects and overlaps with the many choices in life... such that they each piece together six distinctly different worlds.

Six Mouths constructs a free space comprising six rooms which begin as the gateway to each creator’s own associations, and the worlds cached within each room would rotate and repeat itself. Depending on their “taste” preferences, level of “satisfaction”, and preferred “meal” time, audience members can freely exit and enter each of the rooms at their own pace, wander about or stay for a moment during the performance.

Together, we can experience change, feel the moment, and embrace ups and downs.


主辦 不加鎖舞踊館
概念 邱加希
創作同行 王榮祿
演出文字整理、創作及表演藝術家 胡境陽
創作及表演藝術家 陳偉洛、周金毅、陸肇欣、譚孔文*、黃杜茹
佈景設計 吳鐵流@人人建築
燈光設計 賴詠珊
聲音設計 孫禮賢
製作經理及舞台監督 林慶麟
聯合監製 李妍蓓、鄺子量
節目統籌 易嘉雄


Creative & Production Team

Presented by Unlock Dancing Plaza
Concept KT Yau
Creative Support Ong Yong Lock
Performance Content Organiser Wu King Yeung
Creation and Performing Artists Wu King Yeung, Chan Wai Lok, Elsie Chau, Frieda Luk, Alex Tam*, Sabrina Wong
Set Designer Human Wu@Human Architects
Lighting Designer Lai Wing Shan
Sound Designer Larry Shuen
Production Manager and Stage Manager Lam Hing Lun
Co-Producers Violet Li, Chris Kwong
Programme Coordinator Vincent Yik

*With kind permission of Theatre Ronin Limited

Photo Charice_cc