Drink and Dance (2021)



Drink and Dance 即是字面上的意思—飲酒和跳舞;想像你在派對中沉浸於節奏強烈、聲量過大的音樂之中,腦袋在思考甚麼?或許一片空白,就只剩下過度沉醉的純粹享受。

Come and join us for a silent party!
Let’s get loose and cast reason, excessive speculation, and hollow meanings aside!
Come and feel the booze, relax, let go and drink till you drop!

Drink and Dance literally means to drink and to dance – imagine yourself at a party, immersed in the throbbing and excessively loud music – what is left on your mind? Perhaps it is simply a blank state, what is left is the pure joy of overindulgence.

If you’re on fire, fall.
If you’re confused, go straight.
If you drink, dance.


概念、創作及演出 陳偉洛
創作及演出 胡日禧
道具及服裝設計 鄭雅茵

Concept, Creation and Performance Chan Wai Lok
Creation and Performance Woo Yat Hei
Props and Costume Design Cheng Nga Yan



Producted by #Danceless complex, Unlock Dancing Plaza and participated in Spot light: A season for Performing arts, Tai Kwun Hong Kong


Drink and Dance
日期 16.9.2021 – 19.9.2021, 6:30pm
地點 大館監獄操場

Drink and Dance
Date 16.9.2021 – 19.9.2021, 6:30pm
Venue Prison Yard, Tai Kwun


Photo Carman So