Dis-place (2022)
位移 (2022)




1 棲居


2 神壇


3 精神



Dis-place took place at a public space between the sea and the end of Tin Chiu Street next to a massive new residential development.

The bamboo scaffold installation embodies the construction method of the Ghost Festival bamboo theater. Displacement seeks to engage in the tradition that used to occupy the very site at Tin Chiu Street temporarily every year.  The festival went on and off since North Point Estate was demolished and dwindled to a pause due to political events and the pandemic. The site-specific framework holds and points to works outlining traces of displacement of 3 elements in the locale: the habitat, the altar and the spirit.

1 the habitat

North Point Estate, located next to the site, was demolished in 2003 at her 46 years old. Residents had the choice to be relocated to Oi Tung Estate in Aldrich Bay. Displacement showcases a video work which is a remix of government footage of the relocation, documenting the process and residents' thoughts at the time. Participants need to lie on a trolley cart to view the work installed under the bamboo platform.

2 the altar

After North Point Estate is demolished, an altar set up by the residents remained, shielded by a verdant tree at the waterfront. However with the construction of a pedestrian broadwalk, the altar also has to be relocated, uprooted from the tree with its back to the sea. The work reenacts how the statue of the goddess once nestled in the branches.

3 the spirit

A preiscope is installed on the scaffold, to be looked through as one ascends the flight of stairs. The split image shows merely the Lion Rock floating on the sea with the city vanished.

Dis-place is an installation that is built and dismantled within a day and the process video documentation is on display. The timber deckings used for the project were flattened and compressed into a table surface to showcase the series of drawings, model and a collection of artifacts.


概念及創作 蕭敏陳偉洛

Concept and Creation Siu Man, Chan Wai Lok


2022 港深建築雙城雙年展

2022 Hong Kong Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture


地點 電照街
展期 10.9.2022 - 26.11.2022
展覽場地 北角(東)渡輪碼頭

Built Date 11.8.2022
Venue Tin Chiu St
Exhibition Date 10.9.2022 - 26.11.2022
Venue North Point (East) Ferry Pier


Photo Ring


位移 Dis-Place