彈指之間,蘊藏着對動作、對身體、對編排(choreography)、對表演性(performativity) 的想像及關連。當表演所強調的呼吸及觸碰不再是日常,除了身體本身,Click以另一個朝夕相對的「身體」,展示有關於演出的另一種可能性。

Dance, in a room, with a computer. Click to open a space, or close. I am not certain whether the space we are now here is my body or somewhere you do not expect. Delete, copy, return... The absence of something is the rise of something, leave a blank space to enter or to be entered.

Among the clicks, they provoke imaginations on and trace connections with movements, body, choreography and performativity. When breath and touch, which are essence of performance, are becoming unusual, Click uses another familiar “body”, apart from the physical one, to unfold another perspective into performance.


創作/慨念/演出 陳偉洛
媒體設計 鄭雅茵

Creation/Concept/Performance Chan Wai Lok
Lighting Designer
Lai Tze Yu
Media Designer Cheng Nga Yan


康樂及文化事務署 - 舞蹈新鮮人 2020 委約節目

Commissioned by Leisure and Cultural Services Department - Dance New Motion 2020


日期 6.3.2021, 3pm & 5/6/7.3.2021 8pm   
地點 1930 Studio

Date 6.3.2021, 3pm & 5/6/7.3.2021 8pm
Venue 1930 Studio


Photo Cheng Nga Yan