Action (2020)

Katie Yau



節錄自陳詩慧歌曲《We’re not afraid》的歌詞

“There’s a reason why we’re here today To make the world a better place Things are not the same as we used to know But I am still grateful to see beautiful souls Replace our fear with faith, we fight for better days WE ARE UNITED AS ONE”

Extracted from the song “We’re not afraid, written by Eva Chan”


演出 陳偉洛, 李嘉雯, 盧敬燊, 高凱琳, 陸慧珊
編舞 邱加希
演出 香港比舞
鳴謝 錢韋君、何珮姗、李漢廷、羅文偉、莫嫣、Jonathan Hung、Emily Ng,

Performer Chan Wai Lok, Ko Hoi Lam, Li Ka Man, Lo King San
Created by KT Yau
Presentation Hong Kong Dance Exchange


Photos Max@Moon 9 image